Back in the summer of 2010, Declaration Entertainment asked for your support to help make the movies you want to see. 

Now needless to say, feature films are expensive propositions, and despite the fact that we had next to nothing on the shelves when we opened the doors, you took a chance on us and parted with your hard-earned money to support that critical cause: namely, reclaiming the mythology of the country; recasting us and our principles as heroes rather than villains; and dealing with the issues that the liberals in Hollywood will not only not touch, but actively squash at every opportunity.

As we gathered funds for the first year and a half, we stayed in the fight as economically as possible: by producing the FIREWALL segments. There are thirty-two of them, at present, including EAT THE RICH, WHY WE SUCK, and the remarkable WHAT WE BELIEVE series. 

Then, Jeremy strapped on his directing six-guns, and on a very tight budget managed to shoot a remarkable feature film: THE ARROYO. It has taken a while to do all of the post-production editing, special effects, scoring and coloring, and he has just wrapped up the basics of a distribution deal.

But completed it is. And so that brings us to the present.

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your support over the years. With your help, we actually did what we told you we were going to do: make a Hollywood-quality, feature film -- and 30+ FIREWALL segments as well. 

Second, it is to tell you that we have learned something during this process: making a feature consumes so much time and money that there is very little to show for it until it is finished. So rather than continuing a feature film company that also produces political videos, we are going to become a political video company that also produces feature films. 

As of Saturday, October 12th  2013, Declaration Entertainment has oficially become If your were a citizen producer at Declaration Entertainment you will no longer be charged for membership. We will not be moving your existing subscription over to the new site. We do not feel we can do that in good conscience. We very much do hope that when you see the new site you will choose to join us once again. We think you will be amazed at how many irons we are able to have in the fire, and how many new ones we hope to add to the mix. If you have an annual membership to Declaration Entertainment, we would be delighted to arrange to transfer your membership, with a bonus month, or we will refund the pro-rated balance, by check, on an individual basis. 

You will be pleased to know, however, that while will focus on frequent updates across several channels, two of the existing channels will be for development of upcoming feature films, starting with BIG BAT PROBLEMS? It’s a sci-fi horror film that pits heavily-armed private citizens against an alien invasion that turns us into them, vs. a nefarious, out-of-control government that tries to stop them. And we will continue to develop AURORA: THE FREE FRONTIER, a sci-fi movie about a privately funded mission to Jupiter.

If you are an existing member of Declaration Entertainment, we sincerely hope that you will continue to support our work by subscribing to And we also hope that if you were a Citizen Producer in the past, that you will take a look at the new site and see if it addresses whatever concerns that may have led you to allow your membership to lapse. 

If you are reading this, it is because you are and have been the hard core of our support. We cannot thank you enough for your help in the past, and we hope we can convince you to continue with us in this fight to reclaim the mind and soul of this country that we love so well, together.


Bill Whittle
Jeremy Boreing 

Questions about your Declaration Entertainment membership?