One hundred audience members in the house. Three bright, articulate, interesting conservatives — plus Bill Whittle! — on the stage. Two hours of live awesomeness, but is it:

A talk show
A comedy routine
A news program
A Q&A session
A towel-snapping look at how pundits talk politics to each other when the cameras aren’t rolling.

The answer, of course, is YES.

Members (and their guests) get in free. Each of the four pundits takes a 10-15 minute question from the audience, sight unseen, followed intermission with refreshments and various oddities of nature for amusement, and then another four questions before we all say goodnight in the lobby.

Only the cameras are rolling, for one 10-15 minute segment per week. RELAX! We’re all friends here at the SPEAKEASY.

Would you like to attend SPEAKEASY? Send us a message at speakeasy@billwhittle.com to inquire about tickets!